Dear Garmin

Dear Garmin,

    I remember the day we got together. You were the answer to all my training problems. You put a smile on my face and those tiny numbers ticking away were the best thing that could have happened to me. Each morning you were there. Telling me to go hard or to take it easy. Some days I hated you so much but I NEEDED you. So I kept you around. I loved to load up all the data you gave me and analyze every little aspect of our rides together. No matter what I was never alone because I had you.

Remember that time I accidentally left you on the roof of the car and you flew off and right as I was about to grab you from the road that giant truck ran you over. I’m sorry for that, but hey I got you fixed and we were back together again just as the world had intended.


Just like any relationship we had our off days where you refused to pair with my power meter or froze and I had to restart you multiple times because it was cold outside. We argued when you would read my power meter low or way too high. But you were always there for me.


Even when my life turned upside down, it was just me and you Garmin. You were there through my surgery pushing me to ride those 15 mins just days after. I hated riding without you. I know I always forget to charge you so… you're dead more often then I would like. I depended on you and when you failed me I just wouldn't ride out of frustration.  Looking back now I see that is when our relationship shifted.


You no longer became my forever training buddy you were my enemy, You  were the constant reminder of how slow I was or how far I had to go to get back to where I was. You no longer brought a smile to my face and I would have rather thrown you off a cliff than mount you to the front of my beloved bike. And then you really turned on me. I kept using you because “strava or it didn’t happen” or some sort of BS like that. And then you teamed up with my bike and you both turned on me. The smile turned into indifference,  and then to tears. I “lost” you for a while and things got a bit better with me and my bike. And then one day this winter I thought “hey, let's just see how things go” I brought you out of hibernation mounted you to the front of my Cinelli and we were off. That was the biggest mistake ever!!!!!!


For almost 5 hours you taunted me. I cried and yelled and wanted nothing more than to give up. And then the best thing happened. YOU DIED! I made it home and threw you right back in the drawer.


So Garmin, It’s time. Our relationship has come to an end and until I decide it’s time for us to play bikes again you will stay in that dark drawer. I will be riding my bike for fun. I don’t care about numbers or time elapsed or if I see how many light bulbs I can light up with my legs. I will ride trails, I will ski, I will focus my energy on rebuilding my body, or  I will do nothing If that's what I want. You will not come on this journey with me as I find my way back to my first love , my bike. Maybe one day we can play bikes again, but I will never NEED you again. You will not determine my worth or strength. Sorry Garmin But it’s over between us!